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As my soccer education has increased, I have had an opportunity to meet some very interesting people who share the same passion for youth soccer as I have.  I always ask them to share their thoughts and then we can put them on the blog.  Some have agreed and shared some great insights into youth soccer development or other soccer-related issues.  Their content is sourced to them in the relevant articles. On this page, I share a bit of the background of these writers:

Sebastian Giraldo

Seb-blog picSebastian currently resides in Corpus Christi, TX where he is co-owner of  Giraldo Elite Futbol, a full-time professional soccer training/consulting business. His PhD work at the University of Texas-Austin was in sport management with a specific focus on elite soccer development. One of his major research interests is in the cognitive development and decision making of soccer players. Sebastian has worked for Lonestar SC, Express SC (currently Houston Dynamo Coastal Bend), several other clubs around the Corpus area, and privately for many years in individual/small group skills training. He played for Southwestern University and was involved in the Texas ODP system.

Soccerthought is always looking for more voices in the world of youth soccer.  Thanks to these writers for contributing content.


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  1. Clint, I am very impressed at the amazing success you had had in Vidor. Also, the blogs reflect outstanding insight into youth soccer player development.

    Carl Bennett

  2. Growth Mindset

    To develop a player to any level the key to that success is what is called a Growth Mindset. An invaluable resource is the book of the same name by Carol Dweck, well worth reading for further self education.

    Once a coach is armed with the knowledge that psychology, growth mindset etc is vital to the development of a player how do they implement that into every session? Up until now there has been no definitive, no true guide of how to help a player with (emotional) control, commitment for example. The focus has always been on either the physical or technical corners, as they are the elements where progress can be visualised more easily over a shorter period of time.

    Has a coach ever themed a session under the heading confidence? In over 20 years of being in the game at every level in the UK and overseas I have never witnessed a session where the plan was purely aimed at either a psychological or social element, such as being a better learner or able to concentrate for longer.

    That has all changed. An evolution is happening on our doorstep and being facilitated in sessions at the Pre Academy in areas covering the northwest of England and in the US. And the evidence of development so far is quite amazing.

    You can find put more by visiting http://www.thefuturegame.co.uk – free 7 day trial.

    Further, specific information on how this is being facilitated will be posted here and in other blogs over the coming weeks and months.

    – See more at: http://thefuturegame.co.uk/blog/#sthash.Nm5N5oNG.dpuf

  3. Hi buddy,

    It’s amazing to read your blog articles.
    Inspires young writers and journalists in soccer.
    Salute to all the writers.

    The specified books in library are stunning to read.
    Especially: Inverting the pyramid by Wilson;
    Soccernomics by Stefan and Simon.

    Hope to contribute for your wonderful site in future.

    Take care. Regards entire team.

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