Lawsuit Seeks to change Heading Rules for Youth Soccer Players

1107_gsoccer1 01I always follow this theme – and have posted several times before – as there are not many activities in life that require you to bang your head into something else.  In soccer, the activity is unprotected.  I appreciate the efforts to add publicity to the risk of heading balls at young ages (or even older) and the risk of heading to concussions.  Ask yourself this:  how many things have you used your head to hit in the last 12 months?  Now, if your child plays soccer, how many have they?

Here is the article with information on the lawsuit.  This is a similar track to the football litigation.  The lawyers will go after the large entities, FIFA, potentially US Youth Soccer, etc., as they have proceeds to pay.  That is why you see them linking to FIFA in the suit.

Hopefully, this will continue to bring awareness.

Article regarding lawsuit

Blog topic regarding heading.

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2 thoughts on “Lawsuit Seeks to change Heading Rules for Youth Soccer Players”

  1. Read one article stating 63000 concussions each yr just for American HS tackle football. It stated the actual number much higher due to unreported occurrences. Add jr. HS, pop warner, nfl, colleges, and arena leaque and the football concussions make soccer look like a little sideshow.

  2. Some player collapsed during the World Cup (can’t remember who) because he had to play with a concussion since his team was out of subs. That’s incredibly dangerous and FIFA does need to make some changes to their rules in such instances.

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