UEFA Champions League – Quarterfinals

Tomorrow kicks off the Quarterfinals in the Champions League.  The 8 teams left play home and away series starting tomorrow.  A cool visual of the tournament is here.  Quarterfinal matchups are as follows:


PSG hosting Barcelona (Storyline – Vilanova returning to sidelines.)

Bayern Munich hosting Juventus (Storyline – Heynckes says “outstanding” Bayern ready)


Malaga hosting Dortmund

Real Madrid hosting Galatasaray

All games kickoff around 1:45 pm both days (all games).  Fox Soccer broadcasts them and they are also available to stream at www.foxsoccer2go.com.

The return games will be played on April 9 & 10.  The Draw for the Semis will be April 12.

SOCCERTHOUGHT PREDICTION:  Final 4 teams will be comprised of 2 La Liga teams and 2 teams from the Bundesliga!


While that is the UEFA Champions League (European), we have 2 MLS teams in the CONCACAF Champions League Semi-Finals (LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders) who are pairing up against 2 Liga MX sides.  Will an MLS team win the CONCACAF CL for the first time?  (We had a couple teams win in the Champions Cup Era but the Champions League Era started in 2008).  Real Salt Lake made the finals in 2010-11 but Liga MX has dominated.  This is the first time we have had 2 teams in the semis.  The Galaxy play Monterrey while Seattle plays Santos.  Here is a great article covering the pairings.

Seattle v. Santos, Tuesday at 9:00pm on Fox Soccer.

LA Galaxy v. Monterrey, Wednesday at 9:00pm on Fox Soccer.


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