US Youth Soccer and US Club Reach Concussion Settlement – Heading Restricted

I can hear it now … blame the lawyers.  Well, I am one and I applaud the efforts made to affect change.  I have posted many articles and links on this blog regarding the issue of repetitive heading for young players.  You all want to know how lawyers effect change … here you go.

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And here is the link.

Joint Press Statement

Basically…no heading for 10 and under and restricted heading for 11-13.  Love it.

2 thoughts on “US Youth Soccer and US Club Reach Concussion Settlement – Heading Restricted”

  1. I hate it. It’s awful, and it has no basis. All the data suggests that there are essentially no concussions in kids under 10 from heading. As it is, even in high school, where the ball flies at a much faster velocity, only 17% of male concussions are actually from heading a ball. This is truly silly, and it’s a “feel-good” rule, made to make folks like you (I guess) and administrators feel like they’re doing something to combat concussions in youth sports. I’ve never seen a kid under 10 actually make contact on a corner kick with their head, or head a goalie punt. Instead, they use their head off the bounce, or as another (legitimate) part of their body to control the ball on the dribble. All this has done is increase the number of high-kicks. I had never seen a head injury from heading the ball in kids under 10, but I’ve now seen two high-kicks to the head. Well done.

    1. They said in the 70s asbestos did not cause mesothelioma too. And tobacco didn’t cause cancer. And sugar doesn’t lead to health problems. Here is a simple test: ask someone who doesn’t play soccer how many things they hit with their head in the last 12 months. Then ask a soccer player. And, btw, I got switched on to this subject because my 9 year old defender got a concussion heading a punted ball in a U10 game. Throw up. Whole thing. Best thing for US Soccer to do is take away punts for U11s – they need to learn to build from the back anyway. Coaches that use punts at those ages are using it to get a result, not to teach the game.

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